Deborah J. Gast

Mortgage Loan Officer

Deborah Gast 2

I was born in Mexico, Missouri and I am a graduate of University of Missouri. I joined First Community Credit Union in St. Louis upon graduation and began processing mortgage loans. I have now been processing mortgage loans and managing the office for over 20 years. My expertise in processing, as well as my qualifications as a licensed originator makes me uniquely qualified to handle all aspects of mortgage lending. I enjoy getting to know our customers and still see many of them often. Lending in a small town has special challenges. You are more accountable than someone on an 800 number in Chicago or California. We feel we have to perform to a higher standard. I have always tried to make the buying process as comfortable as possible for my customers. The home buying process is confusing and intimidating to many first time homebuyers. I try to keep things casual and comfortable for my customers. My many years of mortgage experience is my most valuable tool in helping my customers realize the dream of owning their first, or even second or third homes. Over time I have seen children that have played with crayons in my office while their parents reviewed paperwork, and now are coming back as young adults and excited first time homebuyers. 

NMLS: 395434

Phone: 573-592-8900

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