SBA Loans


Why choose American Bank of Missouri for your SBA Lending needs?

  1. One of the most experienced SBA teams in the industry
  2. Quick approval times
  3. Competitive loan structures
  4. Expert advice & guidance throughout the process
  5. Average closings within 30 - 45 days

Why choose SBA?

  1. Competitive Interest Rates
  2. Capital Availability
  3. Longer repayment terms
  4. Lower down payments in some cases
  5. Flexibility of use
  6. Access to SBA resources

American Bank of Missouri is proud to be a SBA Preferred Lending Partner (PLP)

Use of Proceeds

  • Permanent working capital
  • Furniture & fixtures
  • Machinery equipment
  • Purchase of land & building including construction & renovations
  • Refinance existing debt under certain circumstances
  • Business Acquisitions*
  • Start-Ups*

*Minimum Equity Injection for Start-Ups and Business Acquisitions is 10% - seller carryback may count for up to 50% of required injection

Secure File Transfer

Our Team

For more information, please reach out to a member of our SBA Team.

Ted Kraizer

Senior Vice President
SBA Division Manager - Rock Hill, MO 314.482.8564

Email Ted

Brian McCarthy

Vice President
SBA Loan Officer - Rock Hill, MO       314.605.5002

Email Brian

David Ruby

Vice President
SBA Loan Officer - Rock Hill, MO       314.341.8869

Email David

Anthony Bill

Business Development Officer
SBA Loan Officer - Indianapolis, IN   317.362.2900

Email Anthony

M. Gina Rodgers

Vice President
SBA Operations Manager - Indianapolis, IN 314.420.4998

Email Gina

Melissa Ewen

Vice President
SBA Administration - Indianapolis, IN 636.384.0182

Email Melissa

Kim Barnes

Assistant Vice President
SBA Administration - Indianapolis, IN 636.384.9550

Email Kim


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